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ደህንነት - dehinineti

EVENT SECURITY - iGlobal is THE leading private event security throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, as well as Maryland and Virginia. We have licensed and insured teams of trained security personnel who ensure that your event goes exactly as planned:

  • Parties

  • Events

  • Weddings

  • and more...

VIP SECURITY - iGlobal has partnered with Yellowjacket Protective Services to offer armed and personal protection services aimed at deterring and intercepting threats against our clients before they become a serious issue. Yellowjacket has performed VIP and bodyguard services for many high profile clients and events to include:

  • Aster Aweke

  • Tewodros Kassahun (Teddy Afro)

  • 9th President of Somalia

  • Juaquin James Malphurs (aka Waka Flocka)

  • Berhanu Nega (Ethiopian Politician)

  • Ephram Tameru

  • Gossaye Kellemu (Jacky Gosee)

  • Tsehay Yohannes

  • Zion Band members (onsite) 

  • Unnamed Celebrities

  • Billionaire(s)

  • Witnesses

  • Couriers

  • Executives

  • and other VIP's


The Yellowjacket Motorcade and Protection teams while protecting the President of Somalia in Seattle, Washington

COMPLIANCE - ensure our teams can be trusted with your VIP, attendees, cash and other valuables. All officers and agents are monitored by:

  • Body worn cameras

  • GPS tracking software

  • NFC technology

  • Geofencing

For more information regarding compliance, insurance or licensing, please contact our Compliance Office via email at compliance@yellowjacket.ai